November 2014: It was time to start something new. For the last 5 years, I had been designing and selling girls activewear leggings which were inspired by my daughter. But my "muse" was getting older, and after thinking about it and talking with friends and family, I was ready to move on to another creative venture. I just didn't know what that was going to be.

One day soon after, I began looking for a new raincoat for myself. Here's what I wanted:

1. Something that I could wear everyday, whether it rained or not. I wanted it to function like a raincoat but not neccessarily look like one. I also wanted to wear it in the evening. That meant that anything with a logo plastered all over it was out.

2. Something with a hood. I live in Seattle where only the tourists use umbrellas. Though it never really pours, the drizzley rain is unpredictible. One must always be ready with a hood! But not just any hood - a hood that actually protected my head from the rain and didn't fall off in the wind or because it wasn't big enough to begin with. In addiiton, I wanted a hood that was removable so I could transform it into a more formal and/or evening coat.

3. Something with a print. But not a cutesy print like the ones I found. Something sophisticated and hip yet classic enough to last many years.

4. Something that fit great and was flattering. 

5. Something with a button out lining, so I could wear it in the spring or winter, without having to wear a bulky sweater underneath.

So I went looking for the coat I envisioned. I looked online. I looked in stores. Nada. Then one day while I was thinking about where else I could find that perfect coat, it hit me. I was a clothing designer. Why couldn't I make one for myself? And then, I thought of something else: If I was looking for this kind of coat, might there be other women who wanted the same thing?

It is now the middle of October and I am finally getting closer to finishing my first collection.  A lot of design and business decisions have been made since that lightbulb day in November, which I look forward to sharing with you in this blog.  I hope you'll enjoy following along.

In the meantime, below is my new logo. What do you think? 



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  • Amanda Geller

    LOVE it!!!!!! The logo is FABULOUS.

    And it was thrilling to read about the journey to Feller and your new creation.


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