Reasons to Love Waxed Cotton

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Reasons to Love Waxed Cotton

For an emerging outerwear and lifestyle brand like FELLER, the decisions on what materials to use in producing apparel are not only vital to the garments’ appearance, feel and performance, but essentially cut to the essence of what FELLER is bringing to the marketplace. And if you are offering raincoats in Seattle, that decision is critical.

1) Produced with minimum harm to environment, as well as vegan​:
From day one, founder/designer Wendy Feller was focused on waxed cotton for many reasons, all of which have merit. First off, here was a textile (cotton) that was farmed, environmentally friendly, sustainable AND not an animal product, so therefore vegan! In today’s challenging times, these virtues align with FELLER’s values. And for many customers, this matters more and more.

2) The heritage of an established, reliable supply chain:
There’s the rich history of waxed cotton use dating back into Victorian times by English sailors, where technical performance started. Decades have turned into centuries of refinement, innovation and reliability in harsh climates worldwide.
The deeper FELLER dug, the more it made sense to work with textiles available from sophisticated British mills that have consistently improved durability, water resistance and breathability. This is not your father’s waxed cotton, but has a soft hand (6 oz.weight) with wax encapsulated fibers, so reapplying wax is not necessary, and machine washability is no problem. It is not waxy or stiff either, and with plush linings, the FELLER comfort factor is “two thumbs up, way up”.

3) Proven performance & comfort:
And while FELLER does not falsely claim “waterproof” (as that requires taped seams and watertight zippers you’d find in an Everest expedition jacket), they do promise “highly water resistant”, or “showerproof”, as generally most use is for travel and urban applications. Waxed cotton also has some stretch and form adaptation (think of denim) that helps dial in the already shapely, accentuating fit for the better.

4) Versatility & cost:
There is also the added cotton benefit of being able to choose the color palette desired and/or to print patterns and designs into the fabric, allowing FELLER to create classics, modern geometrics, plaids, florals and various other forms unleashing style and expression. Certainly looking unique and fashionable is beneficial to many, rather than tired copycat mentality. Waxed cotton is also generally more affordable than synthetic nylons and polyesters with similar characteristics.

So waxed cotton is a great foundational material for FELLER, and while Wendy’s zest for design may diversify the brand’s materials choices in future seasons, for now it is ideal in application. If you don’t own a FELLER jacket, it might be wise to try one on for size;)

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