Venture Out!

Belted Coat in Khaki Botanical Print

In 4 days, I leave for OUTDOOR RETAILER, outdoor retail’s Largest product trade show to launch my new Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The OR show is huge - where thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors from all areas of the outdoor market gather twice a year.

Fortunately, my collection was accepted into a smaller "show-within-the-show," called Venture Out, which presents more urban lifestyle and less "tech-y" brands. I've also been invited to sit on a panel to discuss women's design in the outdoor market. A first for me!

Really, I have no idea what to expect. FELLER was originally designed and positioned for the fashion market, and though I have had wonderful reception (and orders) from fashion oriented boutiques, colleagues and people I've met in the industry have suggested that I try selling my outerwear to the outdoor market.

So I've taken their advice and am "Venturing Out". I'm heading my "rain or shine" waxed cotton outerwear toward uncharted waters where I hope favorable winds will point outdoor buyers in my direction. 



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