Choosing the materials that comprise the vast majority of our products is likely the most critical aspect of the design process, and the most impactful on the overall impact on our environment.  That said, FELLER goes to great lengths in finding suitable, quality textiles.  They must be eco-friendly and sustainable. They need to be durable, meet our high aesthetic standards, and provide the level of technical protection our customers demand.  

We currently use three primary fabrics on the outerwear face:

  • Traditional Waxed Cotton - a high quality Egyptian cotton treated with a pliable, breathable but highly water-resistant paraffin wax.  FELLER sources this from a 140 year-old industry leader in waxed fabrication with a heritage of quality and innovation.  We chose this well established fabric for its soft touch and matte appearance, as well as excellent reputation for durability and performance over 100 years of use.  

  • Machine Washable Waxed Cotton - another high quality sustainable cotton from a very well established European fabric supplier, this textile uses an innovative treatment that produces an eco-friendly, highly water-resistant finish that is also machine washable.  Essentially, the fibers are encapsulated into the threads so performance is maintained even after multiple machine washes. It is also softer & drier to touch from the outset, and generally more breathable than nylons. These traits make it desirable for long term use in hostile settings.

  • Premium Cotton with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO DWR - a high thread count, tightly woven cotton finished with a flourine-free, plant based” Bionic-Finish ™” for eco-friendly, durable water repellency.  This application uses similar hydrophobic science properties found in nature on birds’ feathers or plant surfaces that shed water perfectly without using chemical toxins like perfluorinations that are harmful to the environment. The fabric is also machine washable, soft, vibrant in appearance, and drapes beautifully.

  • Clearly, sustainable cotton in various forms is our foundational fabric.  As the textile industry evolves in an eco-friendly direction, our product development team is perpetually on the lookout for new materials that meet FELLER standards, and are in the best interest of our customers and the environment we share.