FELLER raincoats are made from traditional British waxed cotton fabric. The history and development of waxed cotton begins with the sea-farers of the early 15th century, who applied linseed oil to their flax sailcloth in order to create drier sails and faster vessels. In order to protect themselves from the harsh winds and rain, they often tore off pieces from the oiled cloth and created waterproof capes, which became the forerunner of the Fisherman's slicker.
Eventually, linseed oil, which was stiff in the freezing winds and which yellowed over time, was replaced with paraffin wax, which remained pliant and breathable. The flax cloth that had been used gave way to Egyptian cotton which was lighter and more efficient.
Waxed cotton became so popular in the shipping industry that manufacturers began expanding into other markets, including outdoor outfitters for farmers and gamekeepers. Among these manufacturers was British Millerain, established in 1880 and whose fabrics we proudly use in our outerwear.