Why do you use waxed cotton in your outerwear?
In addition to its excellent rain and wind protecting properties, we love the idea of working with fabric with historical roots. You can read more about the history of waxed cotton here!

Where are your coats made?
Our coats are designed in Seattle and manufactured in the USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

How long can I expect my coat or jacket to last?
Our coats and jackets are designed and made to last a lifetime with proper care.

Are your coats warm?

Cotton is a breathable, cool feeling fabric which allows for all-year comfort. For adding additional warmth during the winter months, we offer optional liners that can be zipped into any of our coats or jackets.


How do I care for my coat?
Please visit our FABRIC CARE page where you can find detailed instructions for re-waxing and caring for your FELLER coat.

Can I machine wash or dry clean my coat or jacket?
No! The waxed coating is not designed to withstand either of those two cleaning processes. If you do wash or dry clean your coat, you stand the chance of removing the waxed coating and shrinking your coat. For instructions on how to clean and care for your coat, please visit our FABRIC CARE page.

How do I re-wax my coat?
Please visit our FABRIC CARE page which has step-by-step instructions for re-waxing your coat. If you need additional help, there are many YouTube video tutorials that clearly demonstrate the procedure for waxing your coat. If you need further assistance, please email us.


How do I return my coat?
Please email us with your return request within 7 days of receipt. Once we receive your request, we'll email you a pre-paid USPS return label.  We will refund you in full for you return as soon as it's safely received back in our warehouse. LEarn more on our Shipping & Returns page.

Where can I find your coats in my area?
Please visit our STOCKISTS page. If you do not see one in your area, please let your favorite store(s) know about us! 

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